A very different but great version of War Pigs by Black Sabbath

Christ De Kesel is Vlaming in Australië en multi-instrumentalist. Hij maakte deze versie die imho direct een hit zou kunnen zijn.

Christ schrijft:

One day I randomly was singing War Pigs from Black Sabbath, although I always prefered the Faith No More version. I’m an 80’s kid. Not sure why that was on my mind…I have not thought about this song for decades. I use to play it with my band at the time, one of the few covers we did.
The funny thing was that the music in my head did not sound like War Pigs at all, it was rather a dramatic, cinematic, consistent, electronic beat with layers of synths, pads, and sonic effects all woven and thrown around a simple repetitive core melody. like branches on a tree stem and leaves on those branches…so… I grabbed my guitar and figured out the chords I heard in my head, got into my studio and got to work. while it sounded in my head as an electronic track, I still decided to hit the drums and add a couple of guitars, playing a few bits and pieces with an ebow…. just to add to the continuity of it.
I hope you enjoy as much listening to it as enjoyed making this rendition
to be clear, I have no agenda of taking credit for the lyrics or the vocal part. this is still Black Sabbath’s Song, just presented form my point of view.
Maybe a subconscious tribute to Lieven Van Hijfte, Martin Creve and Tom Van De Voorde, altogether better known as Stone Cold Crazy.

Geen paniek, maar… Blue and Broke heeft een nieuwe single: No Reason To Panic

We deelden al eerder een prelockdown akoestische versie, de eerste maten, maar nu is hij er echt: onze eerste single van 2020 ‘No Reason To Panic‘. Met een glansrol voor Frederik Heirman die het blazersarrangement schreef en oa dit groot instrument inspeelde.

Of check iTunes.

Nee, de song is niet gebaseerd op Corona, maar wel op deze sketch van John Cleese